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«Green» economy in progress

The previous week the Head the Department of Economics and Business Administration of Sumy State University, Director of the Institute for Development Economics of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Doctor of Economics, Professor L.G. Melnyk took part in the International scientific and practical conference "Economics of enterprise: modern theory and practice", which was initiated by Odessa National Economic University.

At the plenary session Prof. L.G. Melnyk presented the report  “Sustainable ("green") economy and development”, prepared in the framework the EU Jean Monnet grant. On concrete examples key tools, factors and development trends of sustainable economy such as renewable energy, maximum utilization of the already used space, the formation of the powerful potential of energy accumulation, the formation of digital ("smart") control for process of production and consumption systems, transport electrification, the introduction of 3D printers and massive implementation of additive technologies, revolution in materials, dematerialization of transport processes, I-netting of production are analyzed.


Professor Melnyk’s presentation

It was a pleasant surprise to meet Dr., Prof., A.P Levitskaya, Director of the Innovation Center of Comrat State University of Moldova at the conference. The University is one of SSU partners to implement the EU TEMPUS project, aimed at the formation of innovative start-ups.

Prof. L.G. Melnyk with the colleague from Moldova Prof.  A.P. Levitskaya 

By the way, one of the start-ups (Looksery) in the field of IT organized by a group of young Odessa citizens has been recently purchased by the US Company for the fantastic sum of USD 150 million.

Being in Odessa, Professor L.G. Melnyk congratulated on behalf of his Sumy economists colleagues the famous scientist Professor, Head of the Department of Management, Deputy Director of the Institute of Business, Economics and Information Technologies of Odessa National Polytechnic University, Doctor of Economics, Professor Sergei Konstantinovich Harichkov on his 70th anniversary.

Professor Melnyk with Professor S.K. Kharichkov, who celebrates the anniversary