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Spring lectures of Jean Monnet Module for Economics students

A series of lectures and debating activities were held by Oleksandr Kubatko for students of specialties "Economics" of the Sumy State University and students of the specialty" Economics, Entrepreneurships and Trade" of Machine-Building College of the SSU during the  March-May 2018 within the framework of Jean Monnet training module “EU trade opportunities and challenges for Ukraine” (573581-EPP-1-2016-1-UAEPPJMO-MODULE).

During the lectures it was discussed such issues as historical aspects of European integration, the concept of European integration, economic integration steps, the role of the EU in the modern world, EU trade policy, and others.

Students have actively participated in the discussions and completed written tasks on the promotion of domestic products to the EU markets.

Considerable attention was paid to the competitiveness analysis of Ukrainian producers and the assessment of Ukraine's place in the EU trade balance.

There are special thanks for Skorohodova L.I. for the good organization of lectures for the students of machine building college.