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A new edition of the monograph by L. G. Melnyk was presented in the Sumy Press Club

On Wednesday, October 3, in the Sumy Press Club a presentation of the Russian-language version of the monograph of Professor, Head of the Department of Economics, Business and Business Administration Leonid Melnyk "The Time Machine" N.N. Nepileva " and several more recent books by the author was held. 
The monograph on the economic and historical point of view describes the phenomenon of the Khrestivozdvizhensk Brotherhood, which in the late XIX and early XX centuries was able to meet unprecedented results in agricultural, cultural and educational activities. For example, brothers used a color photograph and electrified villages Vozdvizhensk and Rozhdestvensk in the early XX century. Telephone connection, medical care and free education in these settlements were appeared at the end of the XIX century. The productivity of crops in agricultural lands of the community was 3 - 5 times higher than the current world figures, and breeders of the Brotherhood brought out several types of frost-resistant apples and pears.
Leonid Grigorovich says that the brothers even more than 100 years ago came to understanding of the future development vector. Humanity comes to such understanding today. According to the professor, it is very relevant to use the experience of the Khrestivozdvizhensk Brotherhood in the realities of the present, when we enter into the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
The monograph was published with the support of Valeriy Avdasiov, Director of the National Museum of Mykola Neplyuev in the village Vozdvyzhenske, and the groups of companies "Technology" and its leader Volodymyr Zayts. The descendants of brothers attended meeting too. They highly appreciated the work of Leonid Grigorovich on the study of the work of the Khrestivozdvizhensk Brotherhood.
Photo by Sergey Tikhenko