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Internship of FEM Scientist at Riga Technical University

Every year more and more FEM’s scientists receive the grants for international trainings and scientific internships. So, on October 15, 2018 the Associate Professor of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration Department, Deputy Director for international activities, Tetyana Pimonenko began the Internship (at Doctoral level) within the framework of the Latvian State Scholarships Program. Her scientific internship is devoted to green economy issues and sustainable development. The supervisor of the scientific internship from the Latvian side is Tatjana Tambovceva (Riga Technical University).
So, during the first days of the internship, Tetyana took part in the 59th International Scientific Conference SCEE 2018. In the conference the scientists from more than 10 countries (Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Georgia, the Philippines, Thailand, etc.) took part. Within the framework of the conference’ sections, Tetyana presented a joint report with Olena Chygryn on "Development of Green Investment in Ukraine: Prospects and Barriers". The report was interested by the conference participants, which was confirmed by the number of questions and the fruitful discussion.
In addition, during the conference, discussions were held on the topic "Understanding. Development. Support and Innovation Assessment" in the "World cafe" format. The scientists from the different countries exchanged experiences, perspectives and barriers to innovation in their countries. As a result, perspectives and problems of innovation development, and ways of their solution were summarised.