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Economics and business - looking into the future: The participation of Sumy scholars in the International Conference in the UK
May 29-31, 2019, Head of the Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration at SumDU, Director of the Research Institute for Development Economics of the Ministry of Education and Science and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Economics, Prof. L. Melnyk and Associate Professor of the same department, D.Sc., O. Derykolenko took part in the 28th International Conference of Eurasia Business and Economics Society (EBES), and presented their report. 
The subject of the report of Sumy scholars is "Legislative and socio-economic mechanisms for business development in the Third and Fourth Industrial Revolutions".
The conference was hosted by Coventry Business School. During the Second World War (SWW), this city was completely destroyed by German aircraft, because there were many defensive enterprises.
The EBES conference was traditionally quite representative. More than 300 representatives of science and business from 46 countries from all continents took part in it. The overwhelming number of reports at the conference was devoted to the problems of the immediate future of the socio-economic development of the world.
Conference plenary meeting 
(in the foreground - Doctor of Economics, O. Derykolenko.)
The report of Sumy scholars on the section
Prof. L. Melnyk answers the questions
During the report of Sumy scholars
During the SWW, Coventry, as an industrial city, was almost completely destroyed by German aviation. Now this cathedral without a roof reminds of those difficult days
Ruins of the Cathedral
Today Coventry is a beautiful green city
Coventry combines antiquity and modernity
View of Coventry Center.
In the background there is a spire of the destroyed temple