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Application of digital technologies in educational process: training from Czech colleagues

On September 23-25, a seminar for teachers on digital technologies using in the educational process was held at Sumy State University, which is part of the project of the Czech University of Natural Sciences in Prague and Sumy State University, SNAU, BTNAU in the field of quality education entitled “Support of young university capacities in education and research and science in Ukraine”.
During the mini-course, teachers were able to get acquainted with examples of the use of electronic resources that help to organize lessons using game techniques, visualization, etc. In particular, the seminar participants worked with Digital Badges, Quizlet, Kahoot, Padlet, Mentimeter.
Alla Treus, PhD student in Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration, also participated in the seminar. Participants who attended at least 80% of the classes received appropriate certificates.