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Putting the elements of dual education into practice

During September 2019, as part of the discipline “Tourism Economics”, which is taught at the Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration, Associate Professor Oleksandr Matsenko for students of the specialty "Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities" the cycle of open lectures from practitioners-professionals was held.
1) training, master class from Olga Glushchenko, founder and director of travel agencies "Tez Tour Travel Agency", "TUI Sumy", "Sotik Tour Sumy";
2) training, master class from Olena Myroshnychenko, manager of travel agencies “Constellation of Tourism” and “Cocos travel”;
3) training, master class from Anita Zamyatina, manager of travel agency «Grand Voyage +»;
4) training, master class from Elena Makhnova, director of Privat-Express Commercial Ltd;
5) training, master class from Kristina Miroshnyk, head of the Sumy regional representative office of Center for International Programs LLC.
Training materials are included in the course "Tourism Economics". We wish students success!