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Teaching and research activities in the southern continent: Professor L. Melnyk’s internship in Sydney, Australia
From December 2019 to February 2020, Head of the Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration at SumDU, Director of the Research Institute for Development Economics of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Doctor of Economics, Professor L.G. Melnyk had a research internship at the Business School at the University of New South Wales (UNSW).
During the internship, several scientific and teaching works were completed. Professor L. Melnyk  prepared the scientific article on the impact of disruptive technologies on the development of socio-economic systems and popular science article on the role of the digital scientific and technological revolution in the development of society, collected material for a monograph on the features of modern phase transition to a new socio-economic formation in the course of IV and V Industrial Revolutions. Editing of the textbook “Economics and Business” was completed.
Prof. L. Melnyk made a presentation about the peculiarities of the development of economic systems and business in the conditions of III, IV and V industrial revolutions for teachers and scientists of UNSW Business School. He also participated in the scientific symposium “Modern Analytics in Economics and Marketing”, which was held at the university.
UNSW Business School
UNSW checks its development with the sun, or rather with the sundial (on the tower). However, it is difficult when it is cloudy 
Prof. L. Melnyk’s presentation for teachers and scholars of UNSW Business School 
Answering questions during presentation 
Prof. L. Melnyk at a roundtable discussion with Business School teachers
Work of the symposium. Key speaker, Prof. M. Vedela’s speech (University of Maryland, USA). "In the work of the modern economic system analytical information allows measuring the actions and time of their implementation, as in the manufacture of drugs, their composition and time of application". For example, the question is: at what point in the commercial advertising video it is better to give a rational explanation, childish laughter or music - and how it is converted to revenue
From Dr. A. Israeli’s speech (Harvard Business School, USA): "90% of the information we have now was produced in the last two years"
Prof. L. Melnyk at the plenary session of the symposium
Work of the symposium section "Dynamics of Economic Systems"
The symposium was held in an exotic location overlooking the famous Sydney Opera House and the Bay Bridge
(views from the window of the hall where the symposium was held)
Meeting at the symposium with a well-known UNSW Business School Professor John Roberts
Professor L. Melnyk, the Editor-in-Chief of the international scientific journal Mechanism of Economic Regulation, was pleased to meet his colleague, Prof. Anne Junor the Editor-in-Chief of the international scientific journal The Economic & Labor Relations Review 
Peculiarities of exotic Australian green architecture
Jasmine blossoms season in Sydney
Because of the warm Ukrainian winter, I had to enjoy the cold in a hot Sydney's ice palace