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Development of a digital strategy for a modern enterprise: online lecture from coach Anna Derikolenko

On October 7, 2020, within the framework of the discipline "Enterprise Strategy" (lecturer – Associate Professor Oleksandr Matsenko), students of groups E-71, E-72p and E.м-01 listened to an interesting online lecture from a coach in the field of digital marketing and project management - Anna Derykolenko.
Students on real cases got acquainted with modern methods of developing and implementing an enterprise strategy in the digital world. In particular, Anna shared her experience of working in the creative team of the advertising agency “Nowedo”, which develops digital strategies for third-party enterprises. The issues of strategy creativity, strategy development outsourcing and their effectiveness were raised. The role of economists in diagnosing the external and internal environment of modern enterprises, companies and firms is emphasized.
At the end of the online lecture, students received comprehensive answers to all the questions posed.
We wish our economists success!