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Webinar of Leading Ukrainian M&A Practitioners for Student Entrepreneurs

On October 12, 2020, within the online lecture of the course “Global Markets and Competition” (group ПE-71, Lecturer Associate Prof. Viktor Sabadash) there was an active discussion of the webinar (presented record of the webinar), in which the Lecturer Viktor Sabadash joined the meeting online; the webinar took place on September 23, 2020 (Zoom conference).
The topic of the webinar “M&A Agreement as a Business Growth Strategy” and practical issues covered by experts directly reveal the features of competitive strategies of companies in the global business environment (the topic of the course “Competition in the Global Business Environment”).
The Lecturers of the webinar presented practical cases of M&A agreements and held a discussion on the following issues:
1) Andriy Kaliushenko (Partner of Advisory Services in the Audit Company Baker Tilly)
Seminar “Carrying out the Due Diligence Procedure before the M&A Agreement”.
2) Serhii Goncharevich (Founder and Managing Partner of Capital Times Investment Advisory)
Seminar “M&A Agreement: Practical Experience”.
3) Mykola Stetsenko (Managing Partner of AVELLUM Law Firm and Chairman of Corporate and M&A Practice)
Seminar “Legal Issues that should be Focused on the Owner in the Process of M&A Agreement”.
Based on the results of the discussion, students will prepare and submit for discussion practical cases of Ukrainian companies.