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Jean Monnet Chairs and Erasmus days’ event in Sumy

During the Erasmus days on October 15-17, 2020, there were organized discussions and debating activities at Economics, Entrepreneurship and business administration department of Sumy State University.  All the activities were organized within the two Jean Monnet Chairs:  “Jean Monnet Chairs in EU Economic Policies and Civil Society(619878-EPP-1-2020-1-UA-EPPJMO-CHAIR) and “EU legislative, economic and social transition to sustainable society” (619997-EPP-1-2020-1-UA-EPPJMO-CHAIR) to promote sustainability in Europe through education.

It was organized videoconferencing related to the promotion of Jean Monnet Chairs/Modules/Projects/Networks to build cooperation and networks with HEIs, NGOs, and experts.

There were invited experts and Jean Monnet holders whose thematic are related to “EU policies for sustainable development and economic security” for the dissemination of their activities and results.

About 30 participants have taken part within the event. In particular, Leonid Melnyk (holder of two Jean Monnet Projects) has shared his experience on preparation and running Jean Monnet Module and Chair at Sumy state University.   Oleksandr Kubatko, also as holder of two Jean Monnet Projects has presented speech on cooperation with NGOs, and invited participants to be more active in civil society events.

Kateryna Bohomolova has shared her experience in Erasmus Mundus mobility projects (she was for half of a year in Spain). Ms. Alyona Olondar has presented her English classes for civil society. The foreign students of Sumy state university have proposed their support in thematic business English clubs events.

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