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Ecological modernization of the national economy

Shkarupa О.V. Ecological modernization of the national economy: essence and regulation: monograph / E.V. Shkarupa. - Sumy: Yaroslavna Publishing House, 2017. - 322 p.
The monograph sets out the theoretical and methodological foundations of regulating the ecological modernization of the national economy, the concept of innovative transformation of the national economy is formed on the basis of environmental-oriented trends in updating economic systems, as a result of which a fundamentally new set of economic relations is formed to improve the regulatory processes for the viability of the national economy system. The features and current problems of regulating environmental modernization in modern conditions of transformation of the Ukrainian economy are identified: the priority of an integrated approach in choosing regulatory instruments, the coordination of the regulatory process with the laws of self-organization of socio-economic systems, the use of the advantages of strategic management of environmental modernization, the effectiveness of the development of the national economy, taking into account the conditions of "green" economics.
Economics and Business
Economics and Business: Textbook / Ed. Doctor of Economics, prof. L. G. Melnik, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor A.I. Karintseva. - Sumy: University Book, 2018 .-- 608 p. (in Russian)
The content of the textbook reflects current problems and the impact of economic laws on the entrepreneurial activity of business structures. The issues of the functioning of economic systems in the market, the specifics of the management of transformation processes, as well as issues of enterprise development and taking into account feedback, innovation and enterprise restructuring, initiating business processes and the formation of business models, etc.
The textbook is intended for teachers and students, and can also be used by business leaders, specialists and businessmen as a scientific and educational material.
Breakthrough technologies in economics and business (EU experience and practice of Ukraine in the light of III, IV and V industrial revolutions)

The content of breakthrough technologies is revealed as a phenomenon that opens a new cycle of development of productive forces and significantly influences different aspects of society. The basic breakthrough technologies that determined the change of socio-economic formations in the process of development of human civilization are shown: from primitive and agrarian societies to industrial and post-industrial formations.

The basic breakthrough technologies of the modern stage of development of society are called: artificial intelligence, Internet of things, additive technologies with the use of 3D-printer, virtual and augmented reality, new materials, "cloud" technologies, etc. Possible and negative effects of the implementation of the mentioned breakthrough technologies are analyzed.
For teachers and students of higher education institutions. It can be useful for specialists of enterprises and executive authorities.
Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities

Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities: textbook / for colleges. Ed. doctor of sciences, prof. I. Sotnik, doctor of sciences, prof. L. M. Taraniuk. - Sumy: VTD «University Book», 2018 - 572 pp.
The book contains materials that provide the formation of the basic professional competencies of bachelors and masters in specialty 076 «Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities». The textbook examines theoretical provisions, organizational, economic and methodological support for the activities of business entities, trade and exchange activities. The issue of anti-crisis management and transformations in entrepreneurship has been studied. The modern tendencies of development of business taking into account the European vector of development are considered. Economic aspects of social relations, logistics, pricing, business planning, marketing activities, cost management, strategic planning in business and trade are disclosed. Dedicated to the modeling of business processes and their changes in entrepreneurial activities, organizational culture and ethics in business.
In addition to students, the textbook will also be useful for teachers of economic specialties and other specialists in ensuring the effective operation of business entities, trade and exchange activities.
Potential and development of the company
Taraniuk L. M. Potential and development of the company: textbook / L.M. Taraniuk. - Sumy: Publishing and production enterprise "Mriya-1", 2016. - 278 p.
This textbook is designed in accordance with the regulatory program of discipline "Potential development of the company." It summarized and systematized domestic and international experience on a particular line of research, formed the conceptual apparatus and systemic vision of the nature and methodology of the valuation potential of the enterprise, through practical examples demonstrated the mechanism of using tools assess its value.
The textbook is intended for university students studying in the field of study "Economics and entrepreneurship" in "Business Economics", other economic specialties, as well as for professionals involved in the evaluation activities in Ukraine.
Economics of Energy
Economics of Energy: Textbook / Ed. by Dr., Prof. L.G. Melnyk, Dr., Prof. I. M. Sotnyk. - Sumy: University Book, 2015. - 378 p.
The book describes the main factors of energy production, ways of their efficient use, mechanisms of the formation of energy production cost and its pricing. Attention is paid to the technical-economic grounding of economic activities in energy sector, reliability and quality of power supply, problems of planning and forecasting of macroenergy indicators, formation of the management structure of the energy sector, the development of "green" energy. The peculiarities of Ukraine’s and developed countries’ energy complex functioning at the present stage of economic development are analyzed.
The book is aimed at students of energy specialties and can also be useful for teachers and other professionals in Economics of Energy.
Trialectic Basics for Control of Economic Systems Development
In the monograph on the basis of the proposed by the author trialectic approach, fundamentals of the interaction of three groups of factors: material-energy, information, synergetic in the formation and development of economic systems is studied.
Business Process Reengineering of industrial enterprises: the theory, methodology, practice

Business Process Reengineering of industrial enterprises: the theory, methodology, practice: a monograph / L.N. Taranyuk. - Sumy: publishing and production enterprise "Mriya-1", 2014. - 608 p.

The monograph is justified and formed the theoretical basis of business process reengineering as part orientation processes control. Improved organizational and economic mechanism of realization of business process reengineering in the workplace. Investigated the conceptual approaches to the implementation of business process reengineering. Proposed and improved methodological support reengineering activities in industry, especially in the machine-building enterprises of Ukraine and other countries.

Rise to Utopia or M.M. Nepliuev’s "Time Machine"

altMelnyk L.H. Skhodzhennia do Utopii, abo «Mashyna chasu» M.M. Nepliuieva. Monohrafiia. (Sotsialno-ekonomichnyi analiz) / L.H. Melnyk. – Sumy: VD «Folihrant», 2013. – 240 s.

The reasons for phenomenal social and economic success of Holy Cross Exaltation Labor Brotherhood, founded by M.M. Nepliuev, are analyzed for that had been surprising the world for more than 40 years (until 1929) with its organization, moral principles and innovations that were far ahead of its time.

Economics of Development


In the textbook on the basis of the modern synergetic theory the fundamentals of the operation, self-organization and development of economic systems are considered. Particular attention is paid to the dynamics of economic processes, transformational transitions, feedback effects, mutually dependent conversion of material, information and synergistic factors. The conditions for sustainable progressive development of social and economic, environmental and economic and technical systems are investigated.

For teachers and students of higher educational institutions, scientists, government officials, businessmen and for all who are interested in modern economic theory and practice issues.

Economic Fundamentals of Resource-Saving


The tutorial considers evolution, major factors and directions of resource-saving. Attention is paid to socio-ecological-economic efficiency assessment for energy-saving measures, formation aspects of environmental and economic mechanism of management and motivation are examined for resource-saving along with resource-saving processes monitoring problems. Resource-saving management is analyzed in developed countries and in Ukraine, as well as problems of resource-saving market development problem.

For masters in economic and environmental specialties, students of other specialties, teachers and professionals who are interested in resource-saving economics issues.

Economics of Enterprise

In the textbook contemporary processes of enterprises development are considered: legal principles of ownership, intellectual capital, network structures, competitive policy, transformation and restructuring of enterprises; instruments that provides comparable valuation of costs and performance are analyzed; attention is given to finding and implementing the most effective directions of enterprises development under uncertainty.

Tutorial is aimed for teachers and students of economic specialties, for those who study economic disciplines at non-economic specialties, for professionals and managers.

Ukraine and the EU: Preconditions and Vectors of Socio-Economic Integration

In tutorial the directions of economic cooperation between Ukraine and the countries of Western Europe are analyzed with the problems of socio-economic integration of Ukraine into the EU, the basic directions of cooperation and ways of socio-economic integration of Ukraine into the EU are investigated, and also the characteristic is given for the current state of EU economic and social policy, analyzed the dynamics development of EU social and economic relations with the candidate countries for EU entrance, the main ways to improve economic cooperation are analyzed, the primary goals on the way of Ukraine's integration into the EU are grounded.

For students and teachers of economic specialties, post-graduates of higher education institutions, officials at various levels, as well as for those who interested in issues of social and economic integration of Ukraine into the EU.

Theory of Economic Systems Self-Organization

Mel`nik L.G. Teoriya samoorganizaczii e`konomicheskikh sistem [Tekst] : monografiya / L. G. Mel`nik. – Sumy` : Universitetskaya kniga, 2012. – 439 s.

The conditions and mechanisms of self-organization of open stationary systems are analyzed. The concept of self-organization as such is uncovered, the definitive basis is provided for its forming processes: self-sufficiency, self-financing, self-recovery, self-restriction, self-improvement (reproduction), self-management, self-control, self-preservation and self-development. The force motion and patterns of economic systems self-organization are studied. The prerequisites of progressive development of socio-economic systems are analyzed.

International Scientific Journal 'Mechanism of Economic Regulation' (ISJ 'MER')

The Department issued an International Scientific Journal 'Mechanism of Economic Regulation'. Journal is founded in 1999 and published 4 times per a year (quarterly). Journal is one of the leading specialized issues not only in Sumy region but also in Ukraine in the field of economics. Leading economists, environmentalists and scientific specialists, from Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Ghana, Great Britain, Italy, Netherland, RSA, Russian Federation, Ukraine, USA are published in a journal.

Journal is plugged in the list of the scientific specialized editions of Ukraine, the results of dissertation (scientific thesis and papers) on the receipt of doctor and candidate of sciences graduate degree can be published in it (decision of Presidium of the Supreme Certifying Commission of Ukraine from February 10th, 2010, № 1-05/1).

Materials submitted for publication pass a two-level reviewing: external and internal (blind) reviewing.

The articles are published in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English.


Економічні проблеми сталого розвитку 2012

Матеріали доповідей Міжнародної науково-практичної конференції, присвяченої 20-річчю наукової діяльності факультету економіки та менеджменту СумДУ «Економічні проблеми сталого розвитку»: секції «Економіка підприємства та бізнес-адміністрування» та «Економіка природокористування та охорони навколишнього середовища»

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