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Scientific Activity
Problem Research Laboratory of Sustainable Development and Environmental Economics

Research topics

-  Institutional mechanisms for integrated management of the transition process to sustainable development

- Models of social and economic development of transboundary territories

- Organizational and economic mechanism of reengineering business processes of industrial enterprises

- Organizational and economic principles of environmental conflict resolution

Justification of economic decisions taking into account the factor of time

- Fundamentals of ecologically safe transformation of regional ecological and economic systems

-system formation of socioeconomic security in the distribution and use of water resources of Ukraine

- Fundamentals of the "green" economy in an information society

Grants and Projects

Since 1995 more than 25 research projects were made at the department, including:

1. Fundamental research
• “Economic Evaluation of Environmental Development with Taking into Account the Impact of the Complex of Countervailing Factors on the Environment” (scientific supervisor – Dr.E., prof. L.G. Melnyk), 1997-1999
• “Scientific Grounding of Economic Prerequisites of Ukraine's Entry into the Information Society” (scientific supervisor – Dr.E., prof. L.G. Melnyk), 2000-2002
• “Ecological and Economic Constraints of the Development of Heat and Energy Complex of Ukraine” (scientific supervisor – Dr.E., prof. L.G. Melnyk), 2003-2005
• “Development of Fundamental Economic Basis of the Development Theory” (scientific supervisor – Dr.E., prof. L.G. Melnyk), 2004-2005
• “Fundamental Basics of Ensuring Sustainable Development of Socio-Economic Systems” (scientific supervisor – Dr.E., prof. L.G. Melnyk), 2006-2007
• “Fundamental Basics of Sustainable Development in the Transition to the Information Society” (scientific supervisor – Dr.E., prof. L.G. Melnyk), 2008-2010
• “Fundamental Basics of Ensuring Environmentally Oriented Mechanisms of Social and Economic Potential Realization in the Conditions of Information Society” (scientific supervisor – Dr.E., prof. L.G. Melnyk), 2011-2013
2. Grants of the President of Ukraine
• “Formation of Mechanisms for Ukraine's Businesses Transition towards Economic Development on the Basis of the Resource-Saving Technologies” (scientific supervisor – C.E.S., Assoc.Prof. Sotnyk I.M.), 2006
• “Formation of Environmental and Economic Mechanisms for Resource-Saving Motivation in Conditions of Ukraine's Transition to the Information Society” (scientific supervisor – C.E.S., Assoc.Prof. Sotnyk I.M.), 2008
• “Economic Grounding for the Business Processes Reengineering as a Part Process-Oriented Management System for Manufacturing Enterprise” (scientific supervisor – C.E.S., Doctoral Candidate Taranyuk L.M.), 2010
• “Development of Scientific and Methodical Foundations of Ecological and Economic Assessment of the State of the Regions in the Context of Sustainable Development” (scientific supervisor – C.E.S., Assoc.Prof. Shkarupa O.V.), 2011
• “Fundamental Principles of Environmentally-Targeted Dematerialization Management for Socio-Economic Systems” (scientific supervisor – C.E.S., Assoc.Prof. Sotnyk I.M.) 2012
3. Grants of the State Fund for Fundamental Research of Ukraine
• “Development of Fundamental Ecological and Economic Prerequisites of Innovative Transformations as a Basis for Changing Technological Structure of Social Production” (scientific supervisor – C.E.S., Assoc.Prof. A.V. Yevdokimov), 2007-2008
• “Development of Methodological Foundations of Education Transforming for Sustainable Development Assuring” (scientific supervisor – Dr.E., prof. L.G. Melnyk), 2008
• “Development of Methodological and Methodical Bases of Environmental Losses Estimation for the Environmental Policy Formation for the Sustainable Development” (scientific supervisor – Dr.E., prof. L.G. Melnyk), 2009-2010
• “Formation of Economic Mechanisms for International Environmental Conflicts Resolving” (scientific supervisor – C.E.S., Assoc.Prof. V.V. Sabadash), 2009-2010,
4. Research topics on the own researcher initiative
• “Studies of Sustainable Development and the Information Economy Issues” (scientific supervisor – C.E.S., Assoc.Prof. Karintseva O.I.), 2007-2010
• “Organization and Economic Bases of Environmental Conflict Resolution” (scientific supervisor – C.E.S., Assoc.Prof. Sabadash V.V.), 2011-2016
• “Organizational and Economic Mechanism of Business Process Reengineering for Industry Enterprises” (scientific supervisor – C.E.S., Assoc.Prof. Taranyuk L.M.), 2011-2016
• “Fundamentals of Ecologically Safe Transformation of Regional Ecological and Economic Systems” (scientific supervisor – C.E.S., Assoc.Prof. Shkarupa O.V.), 2011-2015
• “Models of Socio-Economic Development of border Territories” (scientific supervisor – C.E.S., Assoc.Prof. Lukash OA), 2011-2014
• “Justification of Economic Decisions based on Time Factor” (scientific supervisor – C.E.S., Assoc.Prof. Derevyanko YM), 2011-2014
• “Formation of Social and Economic Security in the allocation and use of water resources of Ukraine” (scientific supervisor – C.E.S., Senior Lecturer, Matsenko O.M.), 2011-2015
5. Other
• “Monitoring of the Socio-Economic State of the Sumy Oblast as a Prerequisite for Sustainable Development of the Region” (scientific supervisor – C.E.S., Prof.  Shapochka M.K.), 2006
• “Development of Synergetic Theory of Socio-Economic Development on the Basis of Open Stationary Systems Evolution Principles” (scientific supervisor – Dr.E., prof. L.G. Melnyk) contract number F7/198-2004.
• "Forecasting of Fundamental Socio-Economic Transformations as the Basis for the Change of the Key Scientific and Educational Paradigms" (scientific supervisor – C.E.S., Assoc.Prof. Yevdokimov A.V.).
Scientific Conferences and Seminars

International Student Conference in Sumy “Economics for Ecology” (ISCS), Ukraine


The conference will be held in Sumy, Ukraine, May.

Conference topics. The topics of the conference: theoretical problems, case studies, methodology, cooperation examples, environmental education, NGO activities and so on.

To whom it is addressed. The conference is directed to: students, young researchers, representatives of youth organizations and NGOs.

Conference language. The official conference language is English.


International scientific and practical conference dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Faculty of Economics and Management of Sumy State University "ECONOMIC PROBLEMS OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT", April, 4th–5th 2012

Materials from International scientific-practical conference “Economic problems of sustainable development” Sumy State University: sections "Economics of enterprise and business administration" and "Ecological economics"

International Ukrainian-Belgian Scientific Conference "Development of Regional Ecopolises as a Component of Sustainable Development of Territories", 2007

Conference was organized under the initiative of the administration of the Department of Economics and Business Administration. Scientists and teachers of the Department of Economics and Business Administration participated in organizing and conducting the conference. Prof. L.G. Melnyk presentated the report at the conference.