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International Student Conference in Sumy “Economics for Ecology” (ISCS), Ukraine


The conference will be held in Sumy, Ukraine, May.

Conference topics. The topics of the conference: theoretical problems, case studies, methodology, cooperation examples, environmental education, NGO activities and so on.

To whom it is addressed. The conference is directed to: students, young researchers, representatives of youth organizations and NGOs.

Conference language. The official conference language is English.


International scientific and practical conference dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Faculty of Economics and Management of Sumy State University "ECONOMIC PROBLEMS OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT", April, 4th–5th 2012

Materials from International scientific-practical conference “Economic problems of sustainable development” Sumy State University: sections "Economics of enterprise and business administration" and "Ecological economics"

International Ukrainian-Belgian Scientific Conference "Development of Regional Ecopolises as a Component of Sustainable Development of Territories", 2007

Conference was organized under the initiative of the administration of the Department of Economics and Business Administration. Scientists and teachers of the Department of Economics and Business Administration participated in organizing and conducting the conference. Prof. L.G. Melnyk presentated the report at the conference.