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Business, Trade and Exchange Activities
Field of knowledge: 07 - "Management and Administration"
Specialty: 076 - "Business, Trade and Exchange Activities"



(specialization "Trade")

Terms of study 4 years 1,5 years (educational and professional level); 2 years (educational and scientific level)
Enrollment form full time (including the one according to the individual schedule), part-time
  • аcademic mobility;
  • military department;
  • the opportunity of cross-entry (study on the basis on the degree of "Вachelor" in any directions: economic, humanitarian, naturalistic, engineering, etc.)
Qualification economist

 Specialty "Business, Trade and Exchange Activities" - You will get a modern knowledge on business planning, launching of startups, effective sales, online trading, e-commerce, trading on platforms of stock, currency and commodity exchanges, fundraising, crowdfunding.

Students learn complex of disciplines on organization and management of business, trade and exchange activities. Graduates get theoretical knowledge and practical skills for organizing and effectively running own business and business projects, conduct trade and exchange activities.

The advantages of specialty:

  • authoritative teaching staff
  • military department is available, that enables to get the rank of reserve officer
  • practice and training abroad
  • opportunity to get parallel education in the field of "Informatics" or "Law"
  • learning process in several languages
  • various forms of studying, including training and master classes from entrepreneurs
  • international recognition of diploma 
  • the widest range of choice of profession
  • access to a broad base of information resources
  • the opportunity to participate in the Business School of SSU "Youth&Business"


Specialty "Business, trade and logistics" (specialization “Trade”) - You get not only the profound knowledge and skills in trade and commerce, but also get knowledge in basics of logistics, in promotion of products to new markets, and get knowledge in management practices that provide high quality and the competitiveness of products in the domestic and global markets. 

Master of Trade is prepared highly skilled specialist, which owns the methodology and the tool unit in management, research, training, expert and consulting areas.

The Mission of the Master's Program "Trade" in Sumy State University is the development of system knowledge and practical skills of students for professional work in trade.

Specialty "Trade" Covers the Following Main Activities:
  • development and implementation of the development strategy of trading patterns;
  • research with theoretical and practical achievements in the field of trade;
  • valuation of goods and services in commercial activities;
  • efficient management of activities of economic entities in the field of trade;
  • resolving problems and non-standard situations in professional work in conditions of uncertainty and risk;
  • the ability to initiate and implement innovative projects in business, trade and exchange activities.
Advantages of Specialization "Trade":
• Training on specialization "Trade" is carried out on modern innovation and information technology, which provides a high level of training in the study of the cycle of socio-economic, fundamental and professionally oriented and special disciplines;
• Masters acquire practical experience at the leading trade enterprises of Sumy, Ukraine and other countries;
• Experienced teachers of the department of economics and business administration, as well as the top - managers and senior practitioners known companies of Sumy region and Ukraine in the course of the training format will be taught not only to quickly make informed entrepreneurial decisions in the area of trade, to develop leadership skills, and effective partnerships communications, but also go beyond the standard procedures to generate valuable ideas for their own entrepreneurial projects, choose an effective business strategy for commercial activities and evaluate their performance;
• During training it is possible internships at leading international companies, it allows us to implement an individual approach to the formation of students' theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of trade, taking into account their future careers.
Trade Masters May Hold Positions:
• Head of commercial enterprise;
• Head of the trade mission;
• Director of the trading market;
• Head of the Department for the Study of situation and demand;
• Head of the Sales Department;
• Other management positions in companies and associations of various forms of ownership.
After graduation, students receive a Master's degree in "Business, trade and exchange activities" specialization "Trade" and certificates at the end of the corresponding block of disciplines.
Study Subjects
The master's program provides a series of regulatory disciplines, general training, subjects in the specialty "Trade" and selective discipline.
The Target Audience
Individuals who seek to develop the economy by improving the efficiency of commercial activities, the development and implementation of innovative projects, focus on sustainable development, social responsibility and competitiveness of the subjects of trade and business sphere.