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All graduates of the Department of Economics and BA, who have higher education and professional qualification of Specialist or Master, have the opportunity to continue their education in post-graduate school, what is the highest level of training for teaching and research staff.

During the time of study, post-graduate students take exams in the amount of candidate minimum and perform the planned research. Individuals, who are enrolled in graduate school with quitting the job, get a government scholarship. Subject to the fulfillment of research post-graduate students can submit for the defense their thesis prepared in accordance with the requirements of State Attestation Committee of Ukraine. In case of a successful defense of a thesis according to the decision of MES of Ukraine applicants receive the diploma of candidate of science in economics.

Teachers of the department are entitled to scientific supervision in the fields:

08.00.03 - Economics and Management of the National Economy 

08.00.04 - Economics and Business Management (by economic activity) 

08.00.06 - Economics of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection 

Enrollment to a post-graduate school is held on a competitive basis.