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Economics and Business
Field of knowledge: 05 - "Social and behavioral sciences"
Specialty: 051 - "Economics" 


(specialization "Economics and Business")

Study Plan


(specialization "Economics of Enterprise")

Study Plan

Terms of study 4 years 1,5 years (educational and professional level); 2 years (educational and scientific level)
Enrollment form full time (including the one according to the individual schedule), part-time, distance
  • the opportunity to study at English project;
  • аcademic mobility;
  • military department;
  • the opportunity of cross-entry (study on the basis on the degree of "Вachelor" in any directions: economic, humanitarian, naturalistic, engineering, etc.)


Specialty "Economics" (specialization “Economics and Business”) - you will get a modern knowledge on organization of business process, reengineering, information business, investment and innovations, “green” economy, business communications, IT economics, business administration, management of business risks.

Specialty "Economics" (specialization “Economics of Enterprise”) - You will get a modern knowledge in economic modeling of enterprise development, business diagnostics, strategic planning and asset management of enterprise, international business management, cost management and management of competitiveness of enterprise, the formation of system of motivation and personnel management. 

Students learn the complex of disciplines of economic, financial, management and information direction, that allows the graduates to choose the direction and field of activity according to professional competences acquired. Graduates work in commercial firms, international auditing and consulting companies, investment funds, public institutions and financial planning departments of industrial enterprises and other business structures.

The advantages of specialty:

·       authoritative teaching staff
·       military department is available, that enables to get the rank of reserve officer
·       practice and training abroad
·       opportunity to get parallel education in the field of "Informatics" or "Law"
·       learning process in several languages
·       various forms of studying
·       the international recognition of diploma 
·       the widest range of choice of profession
·       access to a broad base of information resources

Our graduates can work:

·       as: heads of economic departments and services; administrators of enterprises, institutions and organizations; in government agencies and local authorities; specialists and heads of economic departments of banks, insurance and leasing companies; specialists in investment banking; experts on economic issues at stock and commodity exchange; teachers at higher educational institutions; researchers; analysts.

·       where: in sphere of business planning and project management; accounting and analysis; in the financial sector; in sphere of public control and audit; consulting; science and research; in sphere of social economics.