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Economics and Business Innovation

The higher education degree and the name of the qualification

Master in Economics

The official name of the study programme

Economics and Business Innovation

The diploma type and the volume of the study programme

Master's degree, unitary, 90 ECTS credits, training period – 1,5years

Availability of accreditation

Accreditation Commission. Ukraine. Certificate – НД-ІV, No. 1983409.

Validity – 01.07.2026.

Cycle / Level of Higher Education

Second level of higher education (Law of Ukraine «On Higher Education»), NQF – 7 level, QF-LLL – 7 level, FQ-EHEA – second cycle


Bachelor's degree

Language(s) of teaching


The duration of the study programme

Until 01.07.2026.

Internet address of the permanent description of the study programme

The purpose of the study programme

The programme is designed in accordance with the mission and strategy of the University and is aimed at the development of students' in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical skills and economic thinking, management and practical skills needed for analysing economic processes, substantiating business processes in the area of innovative activity, solving the problems of subject-matter activity domain which at the corresponding level of professional activity would enable them to efficiently perform their practical tasks oriented at exploring and solving specialised and practical issues in the sphere of economics and business innovations.

Characteristics of the study programme

Subject area of the study programme

Social and Behavioral Sciences: Economics

Orientation of the study programme

Educational-professional. Emphasis is on forming the ability to solve complex specialized tasks and practical problems in the sphere of economics and business innovations.

The main focus of the study programme and specialization

General education in the field of economics and business innovation.  The programme is based on modern scientific research in the field of economics and business-innovation, takes into account the latest achievements in economic knowledge development (theories, methods, applied economic mechanisms). Key words: economics, innovations, business, national economy.

Features of the programme

Internal and international academic mobility is available; the programme is offered in English, dual study programme (internship for up to 5 months at distinguished domestic and foreign companies).