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Business, trade and logistics
Name of educational program: "Business, trade and logistics"
Specialty: 076 - "Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchanges"
Training program: Master
Duration of the program: 1,5 years (educational-professional level)
Number of credits: 90 credits ECTS / 120 ECTS credits
Branch of Knowledge: 07 - "Management and Administration"
Entry requirements: Admission board
Form of study: full-time (in a mixed form*), part-time
Possibility of cross-entry (studying on the basis of the degree of "bachelor" in any field: economic, humanitarian, natural sciences, engineering and other specialties)
The Master's program "Business, trade and logistics" is a qualitatively new product on the Ukrainian educational services market, which aims to train highly skilled personnel for the trade sector.
Benefits of specialization:
  • the curriculum is created in conjunction with employers;
  • *mixed learning: 50% - classroom work and 50% - independent work;
  • convenient training schedule, focused on working students (1 week per month);
  • issuance of certificates in basic disciplines;
  • internship for six months in the leading domestic and foreign trade networks;
  • practical skills in working with software products used in commerce.
Our graduates can hold positions:
  • Manager of a trading company;
  • Head of Sales Representative;
  • Director of the market;
  • Head of Sales Department;
  • Head of Sales;
  • Purchasing Manager;
  • Sales representative;
  • Logist;
  • Broker
  • Declarant, etc.
After graduation, students receive a Master's degree in entrepreneurship, trade and stock management specialization "Business, trade and logistics" and certificates upon completion of the appropriate block of disciplines.